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JCI Bathtub Refinishing

West Palm Beach Bathtub Refinishing Rock Star Jeff Crisp

West Palm Beach Bathtub Refinishing Rock Star Jeff Crisp

Hello, my name is Jeff Crisp and I am the owner JCI Resurfacing.

I want to welcome you to my company’s website. I had this website created to help my potential customers better understand how our service works and to show some examples of the work that we have completed (just look at our before and after photo’s to see what we can do). I want to help my potential customers better understand what we do and how it is better than replacing your old fixtures. We truly are going to save you plenty of money and provide you with an awesome new finish!

I want to just say that these words … Resurfacing, Refinishing, Refacing and Reglazing all pretty much mean the same thing. I find that the word resurfacing covers what our company/service provides.

I built my business with this in mind, “Don’t Replace – Resurface!”. Get the beauty and the look of Granite or Corian without the high cost and mess of installation. In the end you will save.

Updating your kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms, wet bars or any room that you have cabinets, countertops, flooring, and porcelain surfaces …We can give it a new look! Our renew service costs about 75% of what it would cost to replace. Trust me when I say, when we complete resurfacing it is going to add value to your home. This is a hassle free and affordable renovation process that transforms your home with instant beauty. We offer a variety of styles and finishes. We make it simple to customize the look to fit your home and style perfectly. Simple or elegant, make your dreams a reality.

Professional painless resurfacing is just a call away. (561) 541-6215 I will be your design consultant to help you choose the right custom finishes or features for free.

If you see an advertised offer with a statement such as:
Please understand that this is a very low quality process which is going to fail and it is only a matter of time before you see peeling and/or flaking.

Bathtub Refinishing Services

Here are just a few reasons why you should take a few minutes and call us first!

  • Home makeover with less expense, mess, and wait time
  • Product selection and design consultation done from the comfort of your home
  • Variety of styles and finishes – From classic to contemporary
  • Decorative hardware, molding, and space-saving options
  • Professional and fast completion
  • Licensed & Insured 201009409
  • Employees are covered by Workmans Compensation
  • Project management from start to finish


Renovating with custom refacing makes your dream kitchen a reality within your schedule, budget, and style.

Resurfacing saves time and money by leaving your current cabinet frames, electrical, and plumbing in place.

Let JCI Resurfacing make a visual statement to any room in your home. Transforming the look of your home brings new life to a dated room and compliments your personal taste and style. Whether your visions lean toward modern, traditional, rustic, formal, or old world, we can and will provide an innovative design customized to make your vision a reality.

We offer a vast selection of options with quality workmanship. Bring updated elegance to your home.

  • We work with existing fixtures right in place
  • Eliminates the seams and edges often seen in old-style laminate tops
  • Can save you up to 75% off the price of new solid surface countertop installation
  • Most countertops are completed in just one day
  • Exclusive Stone Accents coating comes in many color combinations.
  • Refinish your bathtub to get a ‘like new’ look
  • Chips repaired
  • Much less expensive than tear-out and replacement
  • Most jobs are completed in one day
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Professional service

Do you have a bathtub or tile that is an unattractive color, has chips, stains, or rust?

Do you have a tub that has lost its luster and shine?

Are your countertops out of date or not the color or texture you would like?

Don’t spend thousands of dollars and weeks of time to replace them … Resurface them!

Resurfacing is an affordable and practical alternative to replacement. With resurfacing, you can make your obsolete, tarnished fixtures look brand-new! With little mess or downtime and in most cases you can use your fixture after just a few days! Give us a call today for more information, or you can contact us via e-mail, text, or our on-line quote form. We offer free estimates.

Note: When doing your research please understand that our services can be called by many other names such as: Bathtub Refinishing, Floor Refinishing, Cabinet Refinishing, Tub Refinishing, and Tile Refinishing …  Also they might use words like Resurfacing and Reglazing.

If you have any questions about bathtub refinishing ot any of our many other services please feel free to give us a call (561) 541-6215 or Contact Us